Global Offshore Services

About Global Offshore Services

Since its inauguration in 1990, Global Offshore Services (GOS) has earned a reputation for providing a fast and reliable service to clients all around the world.

With a purpose built workshop, situated next to Drydocks World Dubai & opened in October 2002, GOS is today equipped to handle all kinds of refurbishment and specialist work such as:

  • Main and auxiliary engines (approved MAN B&W workshop)
  • Turbines: Main and cargo pump
  • Hydraulic: testing, repair & service (Hydraulic Workshop)
  • Electric Motor repairs and rewinding
  • Tail shaft & propeller, shaft seals (licensee for Blohm & Voss Simplex and Cedervall – stern tube seal)
  • Metalock repairs (member of Metalock International Association)
  • Steel & pipe work
  • Riding squad for repairs and tank cleaning

Marine Services

In addition, Global Offshore Services can provide the following:

Marine Repair

  • GOS provides services to vessels alongside berths in any port and offshore at anchorage.
  • The GOS flying squad has experienced technicians to carry out voyage repairs on vessels coming to and leaving the port.


  • GOS has carried out a wide variety of hydraulic jobs on vessels in the main yard, in Ports, anchorage and in International waters.
  • GOS is experienced in working on various types of hydraulic pumps, motors, control blocks, steering gear systems, cranes, hydraulic tubing and refurbishment of hydraulic systems.


With Calvey Marine to assist, you will have access to ship repair and procurement services globally, and worldwide shipyards available in 29 key locations.

  • Offshore Inland Marine & Oilfield
  • Lisnave Shipyard
  • Cassar Shipyard Malta
  • Nauta Shipyard
  • Tersan Shipyard
  • Drydocks World, Dubai
  • Pax Ocean, Singapore
  • Pax Ocean, indonesia
  • Beihai Shipyard, Qingdao
  • CSSC Chengxi Xinrong
  • CSSC Chengxi Jiangyin
  • Pax Ocean, Zhoushan
  • CSSC Guangzhou Wenchong
  • Yiu Lian Shipyard
  • Yiu Lian Weihai
  • Yiu Lian Shekou
  • Yiu Lian Hong Kong
  • Fujian Shipyard
  • Ciramar