Is it Time to Replace your Anchor Chains?

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2nd October 2023 2 min read

Is it Time to Replace your Anchor Chains?

| Did you know? |

On marketing with our Principals, anchor and chain manufactures Qingdao AC Factory, we learnt that in their experience the average lifespan of a ship’s anchor chain sets is 12 years.

| Relevant because |

When discussing the market with our Principals we also learnt that in China there was a boom in newbuilding during 2012.

| So? |

If your vessel is anticipated to benefit from new anchor chains in 2024 please contact us to request a full quotation including cost of materials, class certification, manufacturing lead times and transportation cost and timescales for your planning purposes.

| The benefit |

We can negotiate with our Principals on your behalf. Previously, to lock in ‘today’s’ price, an order was placed and chains were manufactured and held until each of three vessels entered their drydocking period over an 18 month duration.

Please contact and we would be delighted to discuss further