Ship Repairs and Underwater Maintenance

Well respected in the marine industry, Calvey Marine place you in the best position to maintain and repair your ships, ensuring they stay at sea, earning and operating. This saves you money in the long run, ensures health and safety standards are met and improves efficiency.

Representing some of the best drydocks in the world, we work with fully accredited providers of underwater maintenance, ship repair and support services. The range of underwater services we connect you with is extensive and is available to commercial, offshore and naval ships.

Underwater maintenance is the best option for issues that may arise with:

  • Hulls
  • Propellers
  • Ship plating

Key Underwater Services

You will benefit from leading and extensive marine services that are bespoke to your needs at the world-renowned shipyards we represent or at your chosen location. From cleaning, polishing, inspections and repairs, we ensure your project is managed to an agreeable time scale and that every element is completed to a premium quality.

Hull Cleaning & Plate Repairs

We’re at the forefront of new generation hull cleaning and are active in the development of successful methods to clean the lowest surface energy coatings. Hull cleaning is vitally important to a vessel to maintain the watertight body and improve efficiency.

Clean hulls are streamlined, making your vessel more fuel efficient and this reduces running costs on the water. The most common repair to hulls is the process of cutting and replacing the permanent insert plates through welding; this is done whilst the ship is afloat for minimal disruption.

Propeller Super Polishing

Propeller polishing is an excellent service which reduces surface roughness and makes propellers inhospitable to marine life, such as crustaceans. We regularly recommend this to clients as the cost of an underwater polish is far below the fuel savings it achieves.

As the quality of the polish will be your main concern to achieve longevity, we work with providers who have developed a propeller polishing tool with an industry standard surface finish of 0.5u Ra, guaranteeing you results.

Afloat Propeller Repairs

When propeller damage occurs, it needs to be dealt with quickly and with technically sophisticated solutions that also fix associated performance problems. The repair teams at our associated shipyards are fully trained and use specialist equipment and techniques to correct damage, which is then quality checked and tested before delivery.

Afloat propeller repairs allow your ship to be serviced at scheduled stops and results in minimal interruption to journeys.

Underwater Painting & Adhesive Application

If your vessel requires adhesive work, has a corroded protective coat of paint, rust of excess oxidisation, then it will need underwater painting and maintenance. This process should be scheduled for your next docking to prevent the issues progressing and requiring more work.

Our associated specialists have over 30 years experience and use proven and established techniques that cause little to no disruption whilst fixing the long term effects of the ocean’s climate on your subsea section.

Water Surveys & Inspections

With major classification approval, our providers ensure that their equipment is optimised to match the prevailing underwater conditions by using CCTV and high resolution cameras that are sensitive to low light levels. They also have the ability to include CAD generated drawings.


Our providers have been designing and installing cofferdams for over twenty five years, from small simple cofferdams to allow crack repairs on hulls, to monster 18mm 120 tonne cofferdams to fit under jack up rigs and allow repairs to spud cans.

Cofferdams are temporary enclosures, typically steel, that create a dry work environment for ship maintenance and repairs, before being dismantled.

Other services provided include stabiliser repair and replacements, specialist welding, afloat stern replacement and repairs, as well as afloat thrusters exchange and repairs.


No matter where your ships may be in the world, we cater to your needs and offer solutions for underwater maintenance and repairs. Call our team on 01903 748860 to use our services as agents for shipyards in 29 key locations.

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