Shipyards in Central China

Calvey Marine are agents for top shipyards in China, including Chengxi Jiangyin, Changxing Shanghai, Zhoushan Asia Pacific and Pax Ocean Shipyard Zhushan in Central China.

We’re proud to work with some of the best shipyards in the world and use our twenty five years of experience to project manage your marine services, covering ship repairs, underwater maintenance and full conversions.

Get in touch with us today for ship repair and conversions in Central China and benefit from high quality work, access to specialist teams and projects that will be completed on time and to budget.

A breakdown of the shipyards we represent in Central China:

23 CSSC Chengxi Jiangyin and Xinrong

Run by Chengxi Shipyard Co., this shipyard in Jiangyin is operated by a first class Chinese enterprise and is one of the top facilities in the Far East. Ideal for ship repair and conversions, the site has an outstanding reputation for specialised marine services.

Facilities: Four Drydocks up to 330m x 53.5m

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24 CIC Changxing Shipyard – Shanghai

A modern, large site focusing on repair and conversions of vessels, including offshore platforms. Ideally located near major transport networks, it encompasses a large stretch of coastline with a water depth of 16m.

Facilities: Three Drydocks up to 410m x 72m

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25 Zhoushan Asia Pacific Dockyard

Located in Zhoushan Island in China, the AP Dockyard was established in 2012 and has since had $250 million invested in it’s world-class facilities. With an area of 500,000 square metres.

Facilities: Two Drydocks up to 360m x 76m

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26 PaxOcean Shipyard –Zhoushan

This PaxOcean shipyard is simply one of the best in the world, with a large land area of 800,000 m. sq., utilised by a truly dedicated team. All facilities are modern and ideal for ship conversions and repairs.

Facilities: Two Drydocks up to 400m x 106m

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CHI Lixin Shipyard

Three docks up to 222 m x 38 m

Fujian Shipyard – Huadong

Three docks up to 375 m x 72 m

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