Shipyards in Canada

Calvey Marine are leading agents for top shipyards in Canada, based in Vancouver, Victoria and Quebec. We connect you with a range of marine services, including ship repairs, newbuilds and anchoring and moor chains, which are completed by highly skilled and professional teams.

Throughout the process, we fully manage your ship build or maintenance work, providing you with regular updates whilst we ensure all tasks are completed to your specifications and on time.

As we have strong working relationships with the shipyards, we’re able to offer you the best services to improve the efficiency and quality of your vessels, keeping them on the water and boosting their earning power.

If you have a project which needs to be completed at very short notice (such as emergency docking), please get in touch as we can mobilise teams with mechanical and engineering skills to tight deadlines where possible.

A breakdown of the yards we represent in Canada is available below:

Vancouver Shipyard - Vancouver BC

Known as the centre of excellence for ship building on the West Coast, the Vancouver Shipyard and drydock staff are passionate and highly skilled. Through quality craftsmanship and years of experience, the yard offers reliability and is ISO certified for quality and environment.

Facilities: Three Drydocks up to 357m x 38m

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Victoria Shipyard - Victoria, BC

Vancouver’s sister shipyard is based in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island, with a commercial ferry service from both sites. The site can drydrock and repair vessels up to 100,000 DWT and provides complete conversions.

Facilities: One Drydock up to 361m x 41m

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Davie Shipyard - Quebec, Canada

Davie is the largest shipbuilder in Canada and in particular, works for offshore oil, gas, passenger transportation and the defense industries.

Facilities: One Drydock up to 351m x 36.57m

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