PanAsia Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Calvey Marine are partnered with the accredited industry leader for IMO regulated ballast water treatment systems, PanAsia.

Using the GloEn-Patrol system, the PanAsia treatment system disinfects all harmful substances (organisms, bacteria, viruses etc) in a vessel’s ballast water tanks before flushing from the vessel as required, records all results and has an easy to use control panel and temperature sensor.

Our services include negotiating the purchase of the system, arranging installation and ongoing maintenance, as well as providing correct documentation.

PanAsia’s innovative technology

In 2010, PanAsia created the easiest, safest, and simplest solution for treating ballast water,  based on effective filtration and UV irradiation, without producing any toxic substances.

PanAsia’s ballast water system is:

  • An environmentally friendly solution
  • Optimally designed to disinfect harmful organisms
  • Long lasting treatment
  • Simple to operate
  • Non-toxic

The simple configuration of the trademarked GloEn-Patrol combines with the filtration unit by a filter element that offers the most effective and efficient back flushing function on the market.

The technology implemented has been proven to be highly effective, built by teams at PanAsia who know how the shipping industry and it’s personnel work.

Expert design and quality

In addition to the flushing capabilities, which remove and disinfect the harmful organisms taken up by the ship, the system comes installed with medium pressure UV lamps to give customers assurance of long lasting treatment and disinfection of the ballast water throughout the ballasting and de-ballasting stages.

This uniquely engineered and designed filter and UV lamp are manufactured by PanAsia’s own technologies, meaning it’s of the utmost quality, reasonably priced and delivered on time to customers.

Call today on 01903 748860 to begin the process of upgrading your ballast water system in line with the IMO’s regulations.

Find out more about the regulations on ballast water management systems on our industry news here.

PANASIA Ballast Water System