Anchor Manufacturing

As a leading agent in the marine and offshore industry, we work with some of the world’s largest anchor manufacturers. Through our connections we offer a truly global service, managing and organising your purchase of high quality anchors.

Eliminating the stress of cultural and language barriers, we ensure you’re provided with the very best, tailored products including:

  • Anchors
  • Anchor chains
  • Anchor accessories with diameters from 22mm to 152mm
  • All certified by major classification societies

Manufactured anchors can be made for a range of vessels, such as commercial, industrial and military ships and life and rescue boats.

Anchor Types and Purposes

Outfitting the right anchor for your ships is essential. We can cater to all specifications, types and weights and can also advise on the anchor your vessel may need. Please contact us with your query.

Stockless Anchors

The most common bow anchors for conventional vessels, designed to fit most anchor pockets. Sizes typically vary from 10kgs to 25 tonnes.

High Holding Power Anchors

High Holding Power Anchors are tested for efficiency against standard stockless anchors and must hold at least twice the weight. “High Holding Power” (HHP) is a classification awarded by societies on passing a range of tests. Sizes typically vary from 50kgs to 20 tonnes are ideal for barges, oil rigs, offshore construction and moorings.

Kedge Anchors

A kedge anchor is a smaller, lighter anchor used as a secondary or spare anchor on vessels. They complete the process of warping or pulling a ship along from a mooring cable when the anchor is dropped.

Snug Stowing Anchors

An anchor of the classic ship bow design that provides maximum bearing on the ship’s shell and has a good holding power. Removes the need for hawse pipe bolsters and fits ‘snuggly’ on vessels.

Workboat Anchors

Strong holding power in sand and mud and versatile for use on a number of offshore commercial boats. Ideal for daily use. Typical sizes go up to 30, 000 lbs.

Mushroom Anchors

For permanent moorings and channel buoys, mushroom anchors bury themselves into the seabed and have a firm hold that tightens should external pressures put more strain on your vessel eg. winds, strong current.

Pool Anchors

A popular type of High Holding Power Anchors, they are free of castings and withstand demanding conditions. Developed by a CIG Company, they are manufactured to meet approval from the world’s top classification societies.

LWT Anchors

LWT Anchors, otherwise known as lightweight anchors, can be manufactured up to 25% lighter than standard anchors. All lightweight anchors are built for superior holding power (SHP) and are ideal for offshore vessels.

Manufacture and delivery

Once you contact us with your request, we commission your bespoke anchor or anchor product with our Principles at any one of our many shipyards around the world. We oversee the design, build, quality checks, delivery and installation, so you receive the best service for your needs.

We’re proud to offer extremely competitive quotes and convenient delivery. Once your anchor is received, we can also maintain it’s quality throughout it’s lifespan; all work can be coordinated to your location and if required, 24/7.

If you would like to commission or purchase an anchor, chain or accessories for your vessel, please call us on 01903 748860. We’d love to hear from you.

Alternatively, find out more about our additional anchor and mooring chain service here.

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