Shipyards in Eastern Europe

Calvey Marine are agents for top shipyards in Eastern Europe, based in Turkey, Romania and The Netherlands.

Our passionate team work side-by-side with the highly experienced ship repair and build crews who carry out professional marine services, such as underwater maintenance and new build conversions.

Together, we manage your project and ensure you’re fully aware of progress as work is completed. As agents, we handle your investment so all documentation is correct, your specifications are met and that delivery and installation takes place with minimal disruption to your vessel’s journey - keeping you in profit.

A breakdown of the yards we represent in Eastern Europe is available below:

07 Tersan Repair - Tuzla and Yalova, Turkey

Belonging to the Tersan Group, the Tersan Repair Shipyard in Tuzla and Yalova provides ship building, repair, docking and full conversion. In recent years, the Tersan Group have become leaders in the maritime industry for Turkey, known for enthusiasm and reliability.

Facilities: Two docks up to 180m x 29m

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08 Cape Midia Shipyards - Romania

2x1 Holding Cape Midia Shipyard is a a very professional, innovative shipyard that is vocally committed to achieving excellence and challenging themselves with bespoke, large scale projects.

Facilities: Constana, two floating docks up to 230m x 35.8m

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09 Nauta Shipyard - Gdynia, Poland

Nauta Shipyard occupies a huge area of roughly 19.7 hectares and is capable of carrying out advanced ship repairs and conversions. The yard’s work is certified with Quality System ISO and is approved by ABS Quality Evaluation.

Facilities: Five drydocks up to 380m x 70m, four floating docks with a lifting capacity of 12,000 tonnes.

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10 Reimerswaal Shipyard - Hansweert, The Netherlands

Reimerswaal is a highly regarded European shipyard which services a range of vessels such as fishing ships, dredgers, tugs, coasters and inland navigation vessels and aims to provide cost effective, quality marine services. All projects are carried out safely and with strong communication to agents.

Facilities: Two docks up to 120m x 23.6m

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